Complaint Procedure

  • Customers must first seek assistance from the utility company against which they have a complaint.
  • If the customer is not satisfied with the response of the utility company then he/she may lodge a complaint with the PUC.
  • The PUC must be satisfied that the complaint has merit before proceeding with it.

Ways of filing a complaint with the Commission

  • All complaints must be in writing and accompanied by the relevant information or documents.
  • If a complainant is experiencing difficulties to read and write, the staff of the Commission will assist in recording the complaint and the complainant will sign the document.

Information required for filing a complaint
  • Complainant's Name, Address and Contact Number
  • Account holder's Name (if different from Complainant's Name) and Account Number
  • Brief account of the complaint and the specific resolution sought
  • Copies of documents to support the complaint - bills, receipts, letters and notices