The PUC is a corporate body which was established by the Public Utilities Commission Act No. 26 of 1990. This Act was repealed by Act No. 10 of 1999 and a number of subsequent amendments were promulgated throughout the life of this Act. This facilitated the regulating of the Electricity, Water and Telecoms sectors in the State of Guyana. On October 5, 2020 the Public Utilities Commission Act No. 10 of 1999 was repealed and the Public Utilities Commission Act No. 19 of 2016 was made effective. This Act incorporated a number of previous amendments and made the requisite changes in line with the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in October of 2020.

The regulated service providers are currently the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GP&L), the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company Limited (GT&T) and U-Mobile (Cellular) Inc. (Digicel). The liberalization of the telecommunications sector saw a new entrant to the sector namely, E-Networks Inc. which was brought under the Commission’s purview in October 2020.

The legal framework allows for the allows for the appointments of a Chairman and four Commissioners. The following Members comprise the Commission: -
  • Ms. Dela Britton                    -     Chairperson
  • Mr. Rajendra Bisessar            -     Member
  • Dr. Leyland Lucas                  -     Member
  • Ms. Verlyn Klass                    -     Member
  • Dr. Nanda K. Gopaul              -     Member
The Public Utilities Commission
To ensure that regulated utilities offer an efficient service to consumers at a reasonable cost.

To create an environment in which there is universal access to service in the public sector, as well as high qualities of services which are cost effective and beneficial to all stakeholders.

  • To establish and enforce rules and procedures for the regulation of public utilities, commensurate with internationally accepted regulatory standards.
  • To promote and regulate the efficient long-term provision of utility services for national development consistent with Government policy.
  • To provide a fair environment conducive to business interest, investment in the public utilities sector, and the interest of consumers.
  • To investigate and seek to resolve in a timely manner complaints filed with the Commission against any public utility.
  • To carry out its functions in a fair, transparent and independent manner.