Complaint Procedure

Procedure for Filing a Complaint

1. Any consumer who has a complaint against any public utility or telecommunications undertaking should engage with the service provider prior to approaching the Commission. If not satisfied, that consumer may file a complaint with the Commission who will advocate on the consumers' behalf, with the particular utility or telecoms undertaking.

2. The PUC must be satisfied that the complaint has merit before proceeding with same.

3. Complainants are advised to provide all relevant information/documentation in support of their complaints, including any response from the utility company when filing a complaint.

4. The PUC investigates complaints that are within six months of the occurrence of the issue.

5. Matters engaging the attention of the Judicial Courts of Guyana will not be pursued by the Commission.

Filing a complaint with the Commission

Complaints can be filed with us via visit, post or electronically:

Georgetown Office:
Lot 106 New Garden Street, Queenstown, Georgetown.
Telephone - 592-226-7042 or 592-227- 2182.

Berbice Office:
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Telephone- 592- 336-6077 or 592-336-6192.

Linden Office:
Lot 97-98 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie, Linden.
Telephone - 592-444-2045 or 592-444-2046.

Essequibo Office:
Lot 7 E Henrietta Village, Essequibo Coast
Telephone - 592-624-6000.

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